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Once you are ready to begin your learning journey with JRU, you will complete your induction module. This tells you everything you need to know about studying online, or through Blended Learning.
As you progress, you will have a team of support staff giving you any guidance or help you might need. We have over 80 tutors and support staff helping students all over the world to achieve their ambitions.
Your JR University tutors will help you through your modules and they are the first person to approach, via email, if you have any questions about your course or assignment. They will be posting thought-provoking discussions, engaging in forum conversations and hosting webinars to really help you understand your study materials.

Other Support
But our support here at JR University doesn’t just involve your academic work – our Student Support Team is here for any other queries or help you may need.
Whether you need advice on how to submit your assignment, or need help to meet your course requirements, or anything else you might need assistance with, including any personal issues, JRU can support you.

Studentline are here to support you
While university is an exciting and rewarding time for most people, we understand that sometimes it can lead to stress and pressure, so if you’re feeling the strain, or suffering from anxiety, depression, financial worries or relationship problems that could potentially affect your studies, we can offer a helping hand. All JR University students can contact the Studentline confidential helpline to access free support or counselling. 

Fees & Funding

We believe costs shouldn’t be a barrier to personal development which is why the cost of studying with JRU is lower than traditional universities. If you are looking for a smart, value for money option then look no further – you can stay in control of your finance and focus on your learning.
Financial aid is available for all programs. Our financial aid advisors can help you identify funding opportunities to help you pay for your education. JRU offers financial aid in the form of meritbased scholarships, as well as scholarships based on specific criteria (for example credits from previous training). Once you have been admitted to the programs, our admissions team will guide you through the application process.

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Our admission process lasts between two and four weeks and consists of six phases:
Connect with us
Application completed
Pre-selection jury
Two interviews with the JRU consultant
Admissions jury
Official notification of admission

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Master of Business Administration

Our MBA is divided into two complementary parts: the Fundamental Phase and the Customized Phase. The Fundamental Phase uses a rigorous combination of academic training and hands-on learning to teach core management skills. With the Customized Phase, you hone your abilities in a specific sector and gain the Experience that makes your CV stand out. 

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